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And you think you’re cold? A guest blog from the South Pole

February 19th, 2011

Enjoy our guest blog from Judy down in the South Pole, a native from Makoti, North Dakota (a town soon to celebrate 100 year!).

January 30, 2011

Pole Tales #16

Weather:  -15F/-41F wind chill

Ave Temp:  -25F

Population: 182

Flights:  157

Satellite Times: 1:51am  -  8:26am (plus various afternoon times)

Ice Cream:  Pistachio is the only flavor left & we don’t get the ice cream bars til it’s gone!!!

South Pole Traverse Position:  Back in McMurdo & glad of it


Pictures: last bbq at summer camp; Makoti Centennial sweatshirt at Geographic Pole

Dear all,

We’re definitely winding down here, which is a good thing.  The D-8R is down waiting for a new “harness” (computer managed dozers are not necessarily user friendly here at Pole), and Megan discovered Saturday morning that the D-7R dozer has oil in the glycol.  Probably an o ring, but not a quick fix.  Plus we had White Trash, the snow hauler in the shop for some TLC welding & that takes up the entire big bay so it had to come out so the 7 could go in. Nothing is simple here.

This means we’re down to the old D7H, Pearl, and two D-6D dozers.  We are done, done, done hauling snow.  Even if we aren’t!  There is ALWAYS more snow to haul.  Putting away moveable buildings (such as outdoor toilets) has begun & Martha is hot after making a new line.  She’ll be leaving next Saturday & the rest of us on night shift in a few days after that.

Speaking of which, I have plane reservations, not confirmed, for Feb 13th to fly home to Nodak.  I lose a day crossing the international dateline, so arrive home the same day I leave New Zealand.  Schedule is not as crazy as last year:  Cheech, Auckland, LA, Denver, Minot.  Still a long haul.

The rest of the crews are winding down too & the weather is feeling more like fall at the Pole.  We’ve had DAYS of wind, wind wind, but at least it’s sunny.  The planes have been sketchy.  They’re trying to pull in the field camps right now & the weather is changing all over the continent.  I’ve heard we have around 50 more flights of just fuel to get in to Pole.  The math just isn’t working as the station is due to close Feb 15.  hamm

Ilde came for two days to cut hair—she cut 37 heads day one, & 27 day two.  How many hairdressers do you know who can do that???  No planes flew here yesterday, so she is

stuck here until Monday.

We informed Douggy that next year he’s limited to two barbeques instead of three.  I think he knows why as we OLD PEOPLE sat on the couch & looked like we were falling

asleep!!  While he was outside in 15F below with 20 knot winds cooking steaks!!!

Take notice of the dates on the sweatshirt & the geographic Pole sign…You gotta love it.

All I can muster for this week.

Love, Judy

One Response to “And you think you’re cold? A guest blog from the South Pole”

  1. sue boughner says:

    Why r u even there? I live in Mich. and I think this is bad. best of luck with your adventures.

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