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Locating the Nest in Edinburgh

July 19th, 2012


‘Love nest, empty nest, hideaway’  – Tom Pow

Know them well – a piece of art at Locating the Nest

When you dare to leave your nest, you take a risk.  When baby eagles are ready to fly, the momma eagle pulls up the sticks and branches so it’s uncomfortable to return- and risky.  Travel gets you out of your comfort zone and nest.  Just maybe you’ll find or make a new nest, even a temporary one.  Is the nest your home, or is home anywhere you build your nest?

At the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland,  we learned about the power of  the nest in a poetry and printmaking  exhibition called “Locating the Nest.” Poet Tom Pow says “the nest is the   flight-log of its maker.” My daughter has built a nest in Edinburgh. It’s what you expect when your children take flight.  The sticks become a bit uncomfortable at home – time to create your own flight log.  I enjoy seeing the  creativity of nests built by birds and people.

The gardens, gift shop and restaurant are well worth a visit and encourage looking, reflecting and engaging with nature.

 ~To see more , check out www.locating the  and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Lunch at the Royal Botanic Garden Cafe

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